beta version of my new tool, should work on most computers.

This simple program is a work in progress designed to aid tuning and diagnosing $EE based vehicles.


Non-destructive real-time parameter testing!
Add/subtract ignition timing in real-time while driving!
Disable individual cylinders by cutting their injectors
Automated cylinder strength test (not done yet)
Change idle target speed
Force air fuel ratio in open loop (not done yet)
Trimmed down heads-up display organized for tuning
Diverse data analysis (not done yet)
Many of these features are possible due to a special GM diagnostic routine. This is totally non-destructive, and all changes are lost when the program is closed or the car is restarted.

It's currently a work in progress, and in early beta stages, with most key features disabled. Testing is required. If you'd like to help test it, please provide feedback.

to download see - eehack

... all thanks to my sketchy test bench setup!

someone donated this ECM to me after i helped them with some troubleshooting, but i lost their name, so thanks, whoever did that!

benchtest by Steve, on Flickr