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Thread: Looking for xdf info for Mefi 5

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    Looking for xdf info for Mefi 5

    I am sure this is being posted in the wrong area, but being my first I thought it should go here.

    New to the site, have been looking through the forums as a guest for some time. I am actively looking for more information on xdf and bin files for a 2008 2.4l ecotec engine with a mefi 5 box.

    more specifically, any data to support an issue with the controller cutting the rpm at 8000 rpm. In my .bin, I have the rev limiter set at 8800 and clamp limit set to 8500.

    Our motor is mechanically built to handle the increase in RPM, so I am convinced it is an electronic problem.

    Any info/advice/trolling would be apreciated.

    - Bobby w/ Jet Motorsports

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    What are you using to tune this?

    Can you post your bin file?

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    I am using TunerPro, and the MefiBurn module.

    The XDF was given to us from a third party outside of MefiBurn and Bob. He was able to verify the issue and fix it, but stated there were "green tables I cannot see"

    Is this something in the XDF that is preventing me from making changes? Is this a firmware issue with the controller as safety? Thanks in advance

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    Whats the service/hardware # on the ECM? I ask that because not all the ECMs are true MEFI 5 and there are only a few that MEFIBurn can handle.

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