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Thread: EFI Injector Size for best efficiency and fuel economy

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    EFI Injector Size for best efficiency and fuel economy

    Hi everyone. I have been locking for any type of data or feedback in regards to fuel injector sizing/fuel pressure combo that would provide the best fuel economy/ engine efficiency. I am not looking to Hot Rod or increase HP, just improve the fuel burn. I have a 91 K5 Blazer now with a stock 350. I know there are other things I can do to improve the engine but I am limiting this discussion to just the injectors.

    My question is will moving to an injector designed for the 305 with increased fuel pressure improve the burn characteristics of the engine? Or will it be enough to notice any improvements?

    I have looked an haven't found much on the subject. If anyone has a link I will be happy to read the material. I have found plenty of testaments of people either simply upping the fuel pressure or adding bigger injectors but this mostly relates to people looking to up the hp of their vehicle. Thanks!

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    Just remember that with pressure change comes pulse width change. Minimum pulse width being the big change.

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    I personally think you'd just be wasting your time changing injectors. Increasing the pressure is just to get more fuel to flow when the injectors are open.

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    what ecm are you running the 350 with?

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