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Thread: TunerPro starter Tutorial! New users this is a must read! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bisete View Post
    Hi! I'm new in the forum and in the tuner world as well. I'm quite lost as i don't really understand much. I know most of the discusions are about american cars and so but i wonder i i can get to understand how it works...My question as a begginer is, i found the way to get the .bin from the chips in my ecm (vw tdi engine) desoldering the chips and reading the with a machine similar to the burn2 from moates. As i read, i also need the mask (.xdf) and the .adx. well the bin is clear what it is, but the xdf i don't understand clearly, is like the file that determines where and how the data in the bin files should be addressed to be able to be read by a human? and what about the .adx?I'm sorry if the questions a for a very low level on general knowledge.. and terrible english...Thanks
    The TunerPro link for VW .xdf files is here: I did not see a .adx file for VW, which is used to monitor and record engine data (spark advance timing, injector pulse width, RPM, Coolant Temperature, and the like) from a running engine. dave w

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    Hi im having real issues trying to find a .xdf file MMAH0 anyone have one available. Any help appreciated


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