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Thread: LQ4 Power

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    Well, the engine has attracted some attention... LOL. Going to run it this weekend at a year end mud drag then make a few pulls on a chassis dyno. Once we have numbers the heads come off for cleaning so we can take a mold of our hand port. After that we are going to see about a CNC file for it, if possible. That way we can bring the cost down. Like I said very early on, we are about velocity when keeping the stock displacement. I know there are CNC'd heads out there already but most of those only focus on gross volume. If this was a stroker it would be a different story. I'll get some shots up of the heads once we pull them and tare them down. This combo on the engine dyno made 475/465 at 12.5 under 6k with stock un ported heads and ran out of air fast. Once we ported the heads and put it in the mud truck it needed 27% more fuel in load to get back to 12.5. Not bad for an engine with 120k on the clock.

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    Played with the Big Baby Cam a little more today.

    Click for Video

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    Guess its time to update as more applications are being tested.

    Finished up a the Sema Crawl Mag rig. They race this rig in a stock mod class of Ultra 4.

    Specs are
    2004 Jeep Wrangler LJ
    2004 LQ4 110kish
    1 meg ecm converted to DBC
    Baby Cam
    TBSS Intake
    Basically the package we ran on the engine dyno minus the rocker arms
    4L80E stock converter
    Atlas 2 Transfercase
    HP 60 axles
    37" Tires
    Put 305hp and 335lbft to the ground

    3/4 throttle fun

    Dyno Pull

    I have a bunch more shots of what we did pump module wise. Gotta wait and see what all goes to print net month before I can share.

    Basically did a dual 255 walbro pump module to draw from front or back of the tank. Then just used the ECM signal and switch to choose the pump. Photo is vague and mock up, hence the zip ties.
    Attachment 10026

    I already have reports of them pre running this thing on the lake bed at over 120mph. LOL. The old 4.0 maxed out at 82 on the lake bed. Tuned for full manual 1st and 2nd gear. It will start in second gear if selected. 3 and drive remain full auto.
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    Another cute little pump gas LS we did.... 680 hp at 6500 620 lbft at 5100. Avg TQ from 3-6.5 was 580.

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