I have the XDF from Robert Isarr, but havent' gotten everything up on the bench working yet.

I understand that TunerproRT can support it given that I have the XDF, but seems I need to buy WinFlash from Tunercats to be able to flash the ECU? Is this correct?

The ECU currently has the stock tune for a 3.1L alloy head V6, I will be running it on a similar architecture 3.4L engine. I THINK I need to change the following:

VATS-need to shut it off.
Cylinder size-need to adjust for displacement
EGR-Turning it off for now, will be re-enabling it when I can get it plumbed in properly.
VE adjustments-Cam is a mild upgrade, heads are a considerable upgrade.
Injector size-Stock is 17lb, but i have both 19lb and 22lb available, stock for the engine the heads/intake came from is 22lb

I don't think much else really has to change right now. Later, I want to fit a supercharger, but until I am more familiar with the tuning of this system, I won't be doing any forced induction. Does the MAP sensor table in this ECU have the ability to be changed for the GM 2-Bar sensor?