Copy of my follow up information and some info for others that may develop a similar hard start issue.

Hello Bob

My name is Brian Lobert. I bought one of your kits a while back and am very happy to say it has worked excellently. I did have a start up problem develop after the instal. I would have to clear flood start the car. In other words crank the engine over with the pedal held to the floor. You gave me some points to look at and everything check out ok. So I just wrote it off as needing to reset the cold start injector pulse tables. Fast forward a couple months or so as the camino doesn't really get driven that much. Well found out the real issue, apparently I had a injector or 2 going away. The nail in the coffin came when #5 apparently hung wide open and hydro locked the cylinder. Thank god the other cylinders didn't catch or there would have been some serious carnage. Put a full set of Accel 23#er's in it and walla it now lights up like it used to and runs stronger as well, It also comes out of open loop faster. So if any of your customers have a similar cold start problem the injectors may be their culprit. The tricky thing about this is there were no indications of a leaky injector. I run an AFR gauge in the truck right now as i am starting to data log and make adjustments to the fuel tables as needed. The only issue I had was the start up problem, so thought I would pass on the root cause for your info.

Brian Lobert