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Thread: Hot Mode?

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    Question Hot Mode?

    I've this idea that an Iron LT1 running @ 221F or hotter can/should behave very differently.
    I've only driven automatic B-cars, but the most glaringly obvious example would be re-enabling the SkipShift @ 221F on manual cars.
    (F-cars also have a HiTemp Enrichment feature, which can easily be re-enabled on B- D- and Y-cars.)

    A somewhat less obvious measure would be to, say, rewrite the following tables
    'Spark Correction vs MAP vs Coolant Temp'
    'Burst Knock Retard vs Coolant Temp'
    '%TPS Threshold for WOT vs RpM vs Coolant Temp'
    '%Change to AFR vs Coolant Temp @ WOT'
    so that the throttle response becomes discouraging if
    a. the coolant temp ever exceeds 221F
    b. either the %TPS exceeds 31.26 or the MAP exceeds 55, or both
    which would draw the driver's attention to the situation, and encourage pulling over and stopping as soon as reasonably possible.

    However, the existence of these two tables
    'TCC Hot Mode Engage MPH vs Gear vs %TPS'
    'TCC Hot Mode Release MPH vs Gear vs %TPS'
    makes me wonder,

    1. What is 'Hot Mode'?
    2. Is it possible to adjust where/when 'Hot Mode' enables?
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    Hot Mode refers to the transmission temp, not engine temp. the threshold is adjustable, but I don't know if it has been defined in the XDF.
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