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Thread: Laptop opinions

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    Laptop opinions

    I'm due to replace my very old tuning hardware including the laptop. I'm very likely to buy a toughbook. Just wondering if anyone uses a laptop with a touchscreen and if so, how do you like it.


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    We have 5 tough books at work we use regularly. The touch screen is nice but overall, they have the stylus that is tethered to the handle. there are certain things that you still need to use the touch pad for but the touchscreen part is very nice.

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    I guess it all depends on where you tune. Most of my tuning is outside in the elements, bouncing through the desert at speed and then being thrown around in a pavement pounder, touch screen to me would be a gimmick. I have been tuning off a macbook pro for the past two years. Its been the best windows machine I have ever owned. All solid state and easy to clean.

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