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Thread: How do I get the MAP Low (34) and MAP High (33) to display in the data stream?

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    How do I get the MAP Low (34) and MAP High (33) to display in the data stream?

    In the Tunerpro data stream, I see the following:

    Code 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, and 23 being output to the display. (not saying they're being set, just that I can see them in the display).

    How do I get the rest of the codes to also show up on the display? Particularly code 33 and 34?


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    What ADX file are you using? What vehicle/engine/code mask?
    If the items are not in the current ADX, and there are not other ADX's available that does have them, you can manually add them to the ADX file. Been a long time since I have done that, so I am a little rusty.
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    Disregard.... I went to the Tunerpro website and found 8D_90-91_Corvette.adx. This has everything in it. Thanks the quick reply though.

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