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Thread: Identifying a Fuel Injector by Case Numbers

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    Identifying a Fuel Injector by Case Numbers

    What are the case numbers on a fuel injector telling me?

    Can I get a part number from the case numbers?

    Hello: I'm working on a 1995 C2500 with throttle body injection. One of the injectors is bad. I've learned it is a rebuilder. The PCM number is for a 4.3 6-cylinder, but it is an eight cylinder engine. The eighth VIN is an 'N' for a 7.4L.

    The numbers on the case are RI-694 and 2320. The 'eye' may be a 'one.'

    The injectors I've tried by application don't work. I've swapped ports and know that one good matching injector will fix the problem.

    I've spent over two hours doing google searches and haven't been able to identify a correct part number for the working injector that I already have. I have learned that different manufacturers have the same numbers stamped on injectors for the same application. I'm thinking these numbers are an ISO or ASE identification? All I really need to know is the correct replacement part number, but

    I'm really curious now. What are these case numbers telling me? Do any of the manufacturers or anyone else have cross reference tables?

    While doing my google searches, I found a lot of people asking for injector identification based on these case numbers. I think this information would find good use for many others as well as myself.

    Thanks all. JB
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    The PCM number won't actually tell you what size engine it's for. There's a four letter code on for the MEMCAL (chip) inside that is engine/trans specific(it's also usually on the PCM label). The '94-95 7.4 used a much higher fuel pressure than the '93 and earlier, so you do need to make sure that you have the correct fuel pressure (I think it's around 29psi, but not sure off the top of my head) and that the injectors are correct for your year. The injector number you referenced is for an aftermarket injector and I don't know for sure what flow rate that one is (it isn't an ASE or ISO #). The stock injectors for your application should be #17104288.

    What exactly is the problem you're having? Is the injector just not firing? You might be best off getting a matched set rather than trying to find one to match the other that you have as there are flow differences even between injectors with the same part number.
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    Good accurate TBI injector info here
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