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Thread: Replacement for 1992 Dodge PCM

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    Replacement for 1992 Dodge PCM

    I'm looking for suggestions for the best/easiest replacement for a 1992 Dodge Dakota PCM that I can tune & hopefully get a bit better mileage & efficiency out of. This is an underhood unit, & my idea is to make a conversion pigtail to go from the Dodge harness to the GM ECU.


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    I probably should have mentioned that the truck originally had a 5.2l/318, it now has a 5.9l/360 & will eventually get a stroked version that goes to about 408. It is running on the original 5.2l PCM right now & this seems to be fine as at that time the PCM in the 1500 trucks was the same between the 5.2l & 5.9l engines I just think that it should be able to do better, especially when running down the freeway empty. Like with lean cruise enabled...

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    If your truck is like other Dodges I've come across, you may need to do something with the alternator as well. Some Dodges of that era (if not all) would trigger the alternator to charge from the ECM.
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    I would probably say the 1227727 and run the code mask $8D. You will need to mod the distributor (or swap it out) to have/use a magnetic pickup. MAP sensor should work, as well as the IAC. TPS may need changed. CTS will need changed.
    I am doing a simillar swap to my 93 wrangler with a 4.0. They use almost the same chrylser underhood ecm.
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    You are correct, Jeeps tend to be the same way, the voltage regulator is part of the PCM, but that is an easy enough fix, just slave in an external regulator. I had to do that as part of troublehooting an 98 Cherokee a couple years ago. I kept getting told that the trouble was in the voltage regulation, had the alternator tested by a reputable local shop, twice, and they swore it was good, slaved in the external voltage reg, same issue. finally I got under it while running & tested at the alt, initially good, then a few minutes later, nothing. I replaced the alt & all was good, pulled out the external voltage reg & spliced the wires back into the PCM, all still good. Anyway, the external vreg was all of like $22 I think, so that is a non issue...

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