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Thread: 16144288 TBI ECM upgrade to 16168625 TBI PCM

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJG1173 View Post
    no it shouldn't I have CDI ignition (Crane Hi6R) in both my trucks.
    Hey PJG1173, Happy New Year!

    I realize this is a very old thread but I wanted to check back with you and provide an update about the use of my MSD6AL setup in my semi-modified VIN Z S-10. Based on this response, I went ahead and installed the MSD. Unfortunately, for several months now, I have been trying to get my motor and ECM to play nice together.

    One of the biggest problems has been, once the engine warms up and the temp gets to 200 degs, restarts are near impossible. Two issues are present:

    (1) I observe the injectors pouring loads of fuel (heavy spray) into the TBI. The only way to get the engine to fire and run is to unhook one injector connections and hold the throttle wide open. The motor will struggle to start but once it gets going and the injector connected up again, I need to play with the throttle to keep it running.
    (2) The motor will not stay running if I let go of the throttle and the throttle plates totally shut.

    This situation continued until, on a whim, I decided to disconnect the MSD. Once disconnected, the motor started fine and the flooding/fuel problem disappeared. Basically, all of the normal expected actions...2-second priming, appropriate idle at 650rpms...returned.

    So, knowing that I now have no issues with my sensors (O2, IAC, TPS, MAP, and EGR), I took a leap of faith and reinstalled the ECM-to-PCM adapter I made and plugged in a stock 8625 PCM. After some troubleshooting, the resto-mod 4.3L in my 1992 4x4 S-10 is running and ready for the next big step--PCM Tuning.

    To you PJG, Dave W, and others who have held my hand, thanks for your assistance and contributions.

    P.S. To assist others who are contemplating similar efforts, I will document what I found and did in another thread.
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