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Thread: S_AUJP v5 Log File Analyzer

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    Log File Analyzer

    A Log File Analyzer is now available to analyze ANY .csv or .xls, or .xlsx Log File and report the Log File data in a variety of useful formats to speed tuning decisions. It is designed for Speed Density, but will also report much useful data for MAF.

    If an ADX file distributed with S_AUJP v5 is used to create a Log, no changes to the Analyzer are required. If other than the S_AUJP v5 ADX was used, only minor one-time changes are required to enter the Log File column descriptions. Virtually everything you would want to know about a log is provided.

    NEW v11 Series, Rev U - With o2 Sensor Data
    Have had requests for o2 data in the Analyzer, so decided to add it. But this version can only be used with Excel 2007 and higher. Also made several improvements to provide faster calculation speed.

    Initial Release (v2 Series)
    The Analyzer provides:
    • Input & BLM Table Fueling Tab: For each BLM Cell 0-15, provides Average, Minimum and Maximum values for BLM and INT by RPM Range and Manifold Pressure (kPa) Range
    • VE Table Fueling Tab: For each range of RPMs in the VE Tables provides, Average, Minimum and Maximum values for:
      • ◦BLM and INT
      • ◦Manifold Pressure (kPa)
      • ◦TPS%

    • BLM and INT values are also provided for each cell in the 3D VE Tables used during the logging session.
    • VE CORRECTION Tab: VE Table INT and BLM values from the ‘VE Table Fueling’ Tab above are provided along with VE Table Change Factors for each cell of the VE Tables. These values can be copied to a VE Correction Spreadsheet to quickly compute changes needed to the VE Tables to correct INTs or BLMs to 128.
    • TRUE Idle Tab: Provides data while idling in P/N (IAC Position, BPW, kPa, and SA-TDC) in 25 RPM increments up to 1200 RPM for easy idle tuning. The kPa values can be used to change BLM cell boundaries to ensure they are not crossed while idling.
    • Knock Count & Spark Retard Tab: Knock Counts and Knock Spark Retard with corresponding RPM, SA-TDC, MAP kPa and TPS% values
    • SA-TDC & MAP (kPa) Tab: SA-TDC .vs. MAP (kPa) and MAP (kPa) .vs. SA-TDC Analysis. Also shows SA-TDC in Spark Table format.
    • Injector Information Tab: Provides by RPM range:◦
      • Base Pulse Width
      • Fuel Pump and Keyed Ignition Voltage
      • Time Between Distributor Reference Pulses
      • Injector Duty Cycles

    • IAC Position, MAP & TPS% Tab: For all RPM ranges, provides IAC Position, MAP (kPa) and TPS%
    • MAT & Coolant Temp Tab: Analysis of BLM and INT by MAT and Coolant Temperatures. MAP kPa, Knock Retard Degrees and SA-TDC are also reported for each temperature range.
    • Cruising (Constant Speed) Tab: BLM and INT according to MPH, MAP kPa, SA-TDC and TPS%. This Tab provides accurate data if MPH is held constant.
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    Thank you for posting this!

    dave w

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