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Thread: Airflow pid scaler

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    Airflow pid scaler

    Moving along from my previous post to do with mat. All different engine bins use airflow from 0 to 256 no matter the size of the engine so would guess it represents something like 0 being the bottom left of a ve table and 256 being top right of table. Just my wild guess. Now moving along to airflow ( which in SD is calculated ) there is a airflow pid scaler. I know what scaling means. What do you think this one represents? Some for instance, 7.4 scaler is .24, 4.3 CPI is 2.29 and 2.2 mpfi is 1.95 all using the 747 ecm.

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    if it's like what is done with the MPFI 60V6 code, then that airflow scalar is used to calculate backwards from fuel flow to create an airflow value. sounds janky, but it works... kinda.

    I want to say another one is used for EGR flow calculations, but I can't remember the specifics about it.
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    I tried to get some numbers that made sense but no go so guess I will pick a bin and try trial and error.

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