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Thread: Reply to any post, I must re-log in each time to Submit. Why?

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    Reply to any post, I must re-log in each time to Submit. Why?

    When I reply to any post, I have to re-log in - in order to submit any of my reply? I use Google Chrome, not IE. Start up tabs in Chrome are Google and Yahoo. I have tried closing the Yahoo tab and view/post to Gearhead-EFI and experience the same thing. Frustrated - Any suggestions?

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    Check your privacy settings. If you have cookies disabled or some other setting that prevents knowing who you are, that could be the problem. I just replied to this without logging in, so it's not a site-wide problem.
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    Try deleting the cookies associated with this site and try again.
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    Make sure you check "Stay logged in" box on the log-in form.

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