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Thread: New To The EFI World.

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    New To The EFI World.

    Well. Just wanted to say hi.

    Hoping I can learn some stuff here as it looks like I need to.

    I have been out of cars for years. And now thanks to a neighbor I am sorta back.

    I have become the owner of what resembles a 1979 Berlinetta. A body, in parts. Boxes of parts. A boat anchor 305. A "400 SBC core". <-- Looks untouched. Numbers call out 1972, 4 bolt main.

    Now to make some decisions. Old school? New School (LS)? Or somewhere in between?

    I am leaning towards the New or in between. Why? I live in the city here in Denver and if I stay "Old School" I have to pass the emissions laws. Which seem to translate into a lack of power using Gen I techniques.

    That being said, I am still partial to the look of TPI. So. The problem: I don't know anything about EFI. TBI?TPI?MPFI?.

    So please answer me the following question. Where is the best place to learn the basics? I mean basics. What works with what? And so on. I find bits, pieces and scraps but nothing that ties it together. Yes, I can go buy it all out of the box bolt it on, take it to the local tuner and be done.

    That's not my style. Really I would like to crawl some bone yards, if they still exist. Pieces part it together. And learn something along the way. Or has this option gone away?

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    This link is a good place to start.

    The Holley Commander link has lots of useful information:

    Most all the information in the Holley document applies to TBI, MPFI, & TPI. GM did not want the vehicle owner to re-program the fuel injection system, Holley wants it's customers to be able to program their fuel injection system.

    dave w

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