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Thread: Used Moates tuning equipment identification

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    Used Moates tuning equipment identification

    I recently picked up some used tuning equipment from an estate sale and have already identified what the components are but am not sure of exact models and their abilities. I got a chip burner which is just a square black case with a 32 pin socket and usb connection(Does not look like the APU1). TunerPro identifies it as an AutoProm v5.1.A. My biggest question is can i read/write a 28 pin 27c128 replacement chip like this

    Going to be working mostly on TPI and TBI vehicles and possibly some hondas as well and maybe the occasional ford.

    I also got a handfull of 27C128 chips but since I do not have a UV eraser I may just set them aside for now and order some EEPROMs if the autoprom that I have will support it. I also got an ALDL to USB cable for real time datalogging/viewing. And also a G1 adapter.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction for information on the autoprom? I did not pay much for the stuff so if you tell me it is useless now then I am okay with that. Apparently the stuff was bought about 5-8 years ago. I have read a couple of the 27C128 chips that came with the stuff but I do not see anything show up in Tunerpro. I just go to Tools -> Hardware Utilities -> Moates PROM I/O and then select the type of chip and set addressing to 000000 to 003fff for both chip and buffer addressing click read chip and it says PROM I/O succeeded but nothing shows up under the tables with a couple different XDF files I have tried.

    Still new to tunerpro so very much could be an end user error but will keep trying.


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    I think the pictured device is a Burn 1.

    dave w

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    I also think the pictured item is a Burn1. Yes, you should be able to read and write the 27SF512 chips with the proper address.

    I'm not certain on this but without knowing what the 27C128 chip is programmed for you may have to open the hex editor to see whats om there but that's not going to tell you anything, at least I don't have a clue how to read it. You could just do a "Blank Check" with the Moates PROM I/O utility, that would verify is anything was actually on them. You can also expose the chips to Sunlight for a few days to erase them.

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