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Thread: LT1 auto-tuning tool (web based)

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    LT1 auto-tuning tool (web based)

    i made a little web-based tool that generates a bin for EE (1994-1995) lt1 cars, for people that aren't comfortable editing bins themselves, or just want a baseline to start their own tune.

    in other words, i made a robot that replicates my mediocre tune-by-mail skills for mild builds. it's f-body only and for stock head/cam cars for now

    it starts with the closest match and latest revision of the factory bin from that bin archive i made, and applies a series of patches for each modification (some math, some straight patch).

    mostly cause everyone keeps asking me to make them bins just to delete EGR or something, this is a lot easier!

    i whipped it up overnight, hand hacked in c, so it needs a bit more testing but seems reliable so far...

    good idea? bad idea?

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    Well, ya know I had to try it out--I'm a freak for the technology stuff. Nice job Steve, and something I haven't seen before.


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    haha thanks. i had a moment last night where some kid asked me to help him tune out his EGR valve and tweak stuff for his new headers

    i had already started pre-tuning common combinations, but as a programmer, that whole "if im doing the same thing over and over, it should be a function" thing took over, so there you are.

    couple hours of c programming, done.

    lot of room to improve it, though

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