Hi Guy's I'm new to the forum and looking for some answers to a problem I have.

First I'll give you quick insight into what I am doing and what I would like to do.

I have a current build under way where I'm fitting a Ford 5.0 Coyote and 6R80 transmission into a 1970 XW Falcon. (Australian 1970 Muscle car) Fitment of the engine and transmission is not a problem as I will be replacing the entire front end with a rack & pinion IFS setup. There maybe some work required on the transmission tunnel to fit the 6 speed tranny because of the size of the bellhousing but that's not a real concern because the body is having a full rust restoration and it's down to just the bar shell. The engine and tranny have all the factory PCM and controllers with harness so it won't be hard to get the engine fired once it's fitted.

What I want to do and that's where all the wizards on here can hopefully help. I want to run 8 stack efi injection. That's problem No 1. The Ford PCM requires the MAF sensor to function. Easy fix I hear you say why not just go an aftermarket ECU. Yes it is easy I could do that as the new intake has a ECU that has been developed specifically for this intake and has full control of the VVT on the Coyote camshafts as well. If I go down this path it creates problem No. 2 which is the biggest problem. I cannot control the 6R80 auto because the aftermarket ECU does not have the ability and the manufactures have no intention of writing code not now or ever was the response I received when I asked the question.

I have made inquiries with every stand alone Tranmission Controller manufacturer that I can find on google. They all say they are working on it but don't have an a Unit that has the intelligence programming required to run this transmission. Best case scenario is possibly 6 months others say could be years away. One mob even make the OEM controllers for Ford but have no plans of releasing anything the the aftermarket community.

There are some work arounds like build a plenum to fit over the stacks and fit a MAF throttle body to it. I don't see this as an option because not only would it look but ugly it defeats the purpose of the free flowing stack injection.

Could drop the auto and go manual. That's not really financially smart thing to do due to the costs involved.

Drop the idea of the stack injection all together.

Or wait till somebody makes a controller.

So now I can show my complete newbie status when it comes to EFI systems. I have been thinking about it I have an idea. And I'm just throwing it out there. Maybe fit a MAF inside one of the intake stacks.

My questions are

If I could find a MAF to fit in one of the intakes stacks would it work correctly?
How would I find the right size MAF?
If it did and I used the Factory PCM would I be able to alter the appropriate tables using SCT or inequivalent software?

Go easy on me as I said I am a newbie