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Thread: Segment Swaps

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    Segment Swaps

    A former member of forum posted once upon a time about segement swaps and how he would post a how too for them. Never happened. But it did motivate me to figure it out on my own with some clues he dropped. I know a number of you are more advanced then me in the programming department and probably already have this knowledge. But if there is enough interest I will throw together a how too as once you have the required info its pretty quick and easy.

    You would need a hex editor program that can select and copy blocks or large area of data, Hex Workshop is only one I have found that allows me to do this but there are likely others out there. It is available as 1 month free trial and not terribly expensive to buy.

    You would need .bin format files with same o/s containing the segments you want to swap.

    You would need the segment locations mapped out for starting and ending points, which I have mapped for 12212156 0411 pcm and 12579405 p59 pcm(although it appears the 1mb pcm are the same from what I have seen).

    If you have the first 2 items, and are interested in a how to let me know and I will put it together.

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    always interested in how to's!

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    My demo will be swapping a 4l80 segment into 2003 Silverado SS. As you can see I am using a compatible 2003 2500 file to get the 4l80 file from, o/s nubmer must match.

    I will be using Hex Workshop, you can use something else but has to have ability to copy blocks or location to location data. I typically use Notepad++, but I was not able to get this to work with it. Load both files. Select your first file and use the goto command under edit tab, we need to go to 18f90. Click all the settings in the goto box the same way I have them.

    Now to select our segments, we are copying both the trans and trans diagnostic segments, under edit choose select block. You want to go to 1dbcf, make sure your options in select block are same as picture.

    You should now have a black highlighted area of your file. Switch the other file and repeat procedure. The addresses and settings should already be there. Now go Edit copy on the file that has the segments you want.

    And switch back to the file you want the segments in and go Edit Paste.

    Save this file under a new name and your done. The file passes HPT validation checks, here is pic showing that the file is indeed swaped.

    And screen shot from efi live showing the checksums in order.

    I have done 2 swaps like this that I have no problems with. Below are the segment locations for 0411 12212156 and p59 1mb 12579405. From looking I think the 1mb pcm seems to be the same, but the 0411 pcms seem to have some variance.

    Segment Start/End 1MB PCM
    Segment 1 500 7fff Operating System
    Segment 2 8000 15dff Engine
    Segment 3 15e00 18f8f Engine Diagnostics
    Segment 4 18f90 1d26f Trans
    Segment 5 1d270 1dbcf Trans Diagnostics
    Segment 6 1dbd0 1f18f Fuel System
    Segment 7 1f190 1fb4f System

    512KB Binary Breakdown

    0x00000 - 0x03FFF Segment 1 (Operating Sys) First Part
    0x04000 - 0x07FFF - FF's
    0x08000 - 0x12DFF Segment 2 (Engine)
    0x12E00 - 0x169FF Segment 3 (Engine Diag)
    0x16A00 - 0x1B9FF Segment 4 (Trans)
    0x1BE00 - 0x1C2FF Segment 5 (Trans Diag)
    0x1C300 - 0x1D07F Segment 6 (Fuel Sys)
    0x1D080 - 0x1D9FF Segment 7 (System)

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    segment swap efi live 2003 ss to 4l80e

    im trying to do this exact segment swap that you did in my 2003 silverado ss. bought the truck with a blown trans and decided to just do a 80e. i ran into a issue though my stock ecm is locked so i cant pull the stock tune. was wondering if you might be willing to share the one you used for this demo. or maybe even the already segment swapped one?

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    That was over 2 years ago, I didnt keep the files. The 03 ss file I used can be found here and efi live can swap it for you.

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