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Thread: 1985 corvette L98 TPI

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    1985 corvette L98 TPI

    Mark are you familiar with these?
    Got a guy coming saturday that wants me to burn a chip for it,I told him I was unfamiliar with OBDI still but will try and get help with a basefile if I can and tweak from there.
    Have you got anything I can use as a starter? Factory car far as I know.

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    Familar with the motor and a newer ECM but still, not one I can do blind foldeded...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleMark View Post
    Familar with the motor and a newer ECM but still, not one I can do blind foldeded...
    I could do one blind, provided the car is actually running to factory specifications and does not have mechanical issues.

    Those cars are known for bad, leaking injectors, cold start injector issues, MAF issues, and burn-off modules failing. All of which can cause poor driveability. Its also a 30 year old car and time can often take its toll on mechanical engine parts, drivetrain parts and sensors. EGR valves fail, the passageways stop up, etc.
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