In this forum you will find bin files, ADX, XDF, and many other files and information that pertain to GM ECMs/PCMs.

The information is broken down by ECM service number, so you can look for a thread with the title that has the ECM service number you are working with. Within each thread we will try to include as much information as possible, including BINs, definition files (XDF, ECU, etc) Datalogging files (ADS, ADX, etc.), wiring/pinout information and anything else we can add to each thread.

To use the search feature to find a specific thread or if you don't know the ECM/PCM service number but know something like the BCC or code mask you are working with, you can click on Advanced Search, then click on Search Single Content Type, input your search word or phrase, then click on the specific forum you want to look in in the little scrolling menu that shows each forum name. This will bring up results of the search word or phrase in that particular forum.

Beware, while we try to make sure each file is proper, we can not verify the accuracy or validity of any of these files, use at your own risk. Please report any files that you find that are inaccurate or have any other issue.


EDIT by EagleMark: There is also a huge collection of bins, adx, ads, xdf, wiring diagrams, documents and pictures from the old website at:

WANTED: wiring diagrams and any Technical Information to all ECM and PCMs listed. If you have any not listed contact me or one of the Moderators to have them placed in their proper thread. You will be given credit for your work. Only Moderators can post in this forum.

If you have any questions please post them in the GM EFI Systems forum: