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Thread: Understanding how choke decay works 1227747

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    Understanding how choke decay works 1227747

    I am curious how the choke decay function works on the 1227747 ECM. Below is screen shot from tunerpro.

    choke decay.jpg

    As an example, at 50 degrees Celcius, how much time would it take to decay the (subtracted) 4.5 AFR (Choke - Time Out AFR vs. Cool Choke (Sub'd from AFR)) down to 0 AFR.

    How does the .98 value in the Mult column affect the decay time in the Choke - Time out Decay Mult vs. Cool table?

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    1986 ski centurion boat, 351W, gt40P heads, edelbrock performer rpm, 1227747 ecm, 72 lb/hr injectors (@18 PSI fuel pressure), .490/.490 lift, intake 278 duration, exhuast 282 duration, 112 lobe separation

    1969 camaro, 355ci, performer RPM intake, camel hump heads, 1227747 ecm, 454 throttle body (@18 PSI fuel pressure),

    2016 Chevy Cruz

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    Bump. I'd like to know this as well.

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