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Thread: Turbo LT1 Tune

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    Turbo LT1 Tune

    Customer here swaps LT1 engines into older Jags. This one got an LT1 with a turbo. It had a tune built by someone else for the 30# injector and what they called a turbo tune. Yeah...... It ran fine until you hit boost then it would knock and lean way out. I'm pretty sure it was maxing out the MAf, or would have.

    I attached my tune, its not final because I want to look at it again once we hit 95 degree weather here.

    I scaled it for a 2 bar map sensor, disabled the baro update, disabled MAF, and a bunch of other little things here and there... I have boost maxed at 6 psi for now or until I'm convinced it can handle more. You'll see in the VE table the fuel change once it hits boost and the regulator increases pressure. VE was all tuned with a wideband and a handy little lamda VE multiplier. I data logged everything in TunerPro and made changes there as well. I used Cats to flash and turn the Baro update off.

    Take a look and let me know what you think. The car runs great!!! Under boost fuel increases to right about 11.7 @ 6 psi.

    It was my first scaled tune on the EE platform, its was fun.
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    Thanks for posting this. I may steal your spark tables to start off with. They look a little safe than what I was initially planning.
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