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Thread: Thanks EagleMark!

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    I want to thank EagleMark for all his help with my truck. I bought a chip from him and all I can say is wow. It is amazing how much better something can be when the tuner actually knows what they are doing. I tried as the first tuner. This went so poorly I was giving up and I came here pretty much already planning on building a stock engine to replace my current one. I starting emailing with EagleMark and ran some data logs for him, I got my starter chip and my truck is alive, running well, and amazingly, the problems were saying was mechanical issues with the engine, were gone! And we all know you can't tune out a mechanical issue. So, I will not bash, but I will warn anyone who trys to use them, run the other way, fast! Reason being, my stock chip ran better than any of the six I got from them, which all of those six weren't even drivable as where the stock chip was totally drivable. I was told everything from my coil and distributor being bad, to my heads causing a miss. On the other hand, EagleMark listened to everything I did to the truck, everything I wanted out of it, sent me a chip, and it worked great, evne though it is just the starter chip! I can not thank him enough for his help and I recommend anyone who needs a tune to try him. If anyone has doubts, I have 100+ emails with failed tunes and wrong diagnostics, and only a few from EagleMarks successful tune(thats all it took). I would be more than happy to share them all.

    Thanks again to EagleMark and everyone else who offered help with this. This is the most friendly forum I have ever been on and I will be sticking around.


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    Thanks Barry!

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