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Thread: V6 3400 vs 3800

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    V6 3400 vs 3800

    Do you guy's know if the pulses between this two engines (cam,crank) are the same? or they are different tooth, sensor etc.


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    depends on the exact vehicles they came from. most 3400s have 7X and 24x crank sensors along with the cam sensor. the ICM turns the 7X signal into a 3X signal, which is sent to the PCM. cam and 24X signals go directly from the sensor to the PCM. there are some that don't fit this description though, i want to say a van/crossover platform? those have a really high pulse-count single crank sensor and cam sensor.

    3800s, all signals go through the ICM, IIRC. they have a 3X and 18X reluctor on the end of the crank, the 3X signal is used entirely for the ICM alone for cylinder sequencing and determination. the 18X signal goes from the ICM to PCM. the ICM also generates a 3X signal based on the 18X signal which gets sent to the PCM. i want to say the crank sensor signal also runs to the ICM, but i could be wrong.

    depending on what you're wanting to do..... from a control standpoint, it might not matter. if you run a batch-fire ECM, you won't be using the 18/24X or cam sensor signals, only the 3X would be used and from a signal standpoint, they're 100% compatible.
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