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Thread: 93 S10 4.3 TBI 8625 ecm tuning

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    93 S10 4.3 TBI 8625 ecm tuning

    Okie Dokie, I have a 93 S10 2wd with the 4.3/4l60e setup and I have a pile of parts to make some upgrades for better power and mpg. Truck isnt my daily, but more of a parts runner and tow rig for my 79' Witchcraft 21' boat.

    My truck has the 8625 ecm in it, and one of my main questions is what do i need to do for this ecm to control a 2 speed taurus electric fan? If this is even possible?

    Im going to be upgrading the engine with some 94 L35 CPI heads and cam along with some 1.6 roller tip rockers, an edelbrock 3713 TBI intake, Edelbrock TES headers and rpm cat-back exhaust. I already have a 2.5 high flow cat on the truck. The taurus efan, some underdrive pulleys. Going to completely reseal the engine while its out.

    I have used the autoprom on a 92 typhoon I had back in 06/07 so im not completely new to tuning just never tried to get one of these OBD1 ecm's to control the fan. If Dynamic EFI's EBL setup would control the trans id be going that route, but dont want to mess with having two ecms and two tuning setups just to tune the engine and trans.

    Thanks for any and all help with this project.
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    The 8625 ecm will run $0D code and here is how to control fans courtesy of some really smart guys.
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    I tried and tried to get that code working but never could, and without the author of the code to help, we could not figure out the issue. Read through the thread to see.

    I ended up using the code from FSC, it works great, but I am running a single, 1 speed fan. So no dual speed controll with it, but I can confirm it works great.
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    I have a question for you ECM guys. I have a 93 GMC with a tbi 4.3L in it but am going to swap to a tbi 350 V8 come Dec. I thought that the ECM was going to have to be changed to a 350 but I am being told that my ECM can just be programmed (flashed) with a 350 code and i should be good to go.

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    Your getting better at Spamming us with a link to your products! Why not just pay to advertise and then feel free to show them off and talk about them?

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