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Thread: 1badcell and thats not the only thing

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    1badcell and thats not the only thing

    new 2 tunerpro RT and EFI live. need help been doing it for to long.
    have a 94 trans-am sat for a long time. got tunerpro to see whats wrong, don't seem to get any trans data
    datamaster shows trans data. so I don't think cable.
    tell me where 2 start new thread happy new year EFI livers

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    i dont think the tunerpro ADFs even have transmission data.

    what is wrong, anyway?

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    steveo, seen your posts on other forums. I have an early 94 trans-am 12 pin ALDL
    tunerpro header shows (binfile-94TA.1bin XDF file $EE-16188051.xdf ADX file-$EE-16188051-V3.2 )
    program shows on item list engine data, transmission data, engine MALF codes, transmission MALF codes
    I have used datamaster it does show trans stuff temp. gear,ect,ect
    when I try to use a different XDF file I do see there is a different drop down menu in the items list
    Am I doing something wrong.
    problems on car are; TCC stuck on (datamaster error code 83 TCC Control feedback Fault) only 1 code on car
    DERM module also appears to be bad. I pulled dash cluster and found 3 bulbs missing ABS,Low fuel,oil change
    ordered some be here soon
    lets stay on target, started using tunerpro so I could see more detailed data on trans. before pulling pan to look at shift solenoids and TCC. I thought that this would be smarter approach than old school test procedure
    (take out and test) need to go to junk yard for trans harness for on car solenoids test.
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