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Thread: Is there an Oil Pressure and Water Temp. output signal on 95 LT1 PCM ?

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    Digging up an old thread to ask a semi-related question:

    I'm doing a stand-alone LT1 swap from a '94 Corvette into a '65 Corvair, and i'm thinking I'd like to replace my dash gauges with an Android tablet running ALDLdroid. All i really care about is tachometer, water temperature, oil pressure, and CEL.

    Question: Has anyone taken the oil pressure sensor output (that normally goes only to the oil pressure gauge) and run it into the PCM, perhaps in the A/C Pressure input, so it can be displayed by TunerPro or ALDLdroid, similar to what has been done with AFR?


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    just throw that thing through the oil temp input (useless sensor)... it's logged on the standard datastream, i'm sure we can help you get it into your ADX file so it'll display on the dashboard

    but honestly if all you want is those four gauges, a tablet seems a bit overkill..hows about a raspberry pi with this thing? it logs too...

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