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Thread: well put the sockets in the 94 lt1 pcm and we have ignition

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    well put the sockets in the 94 lt1 pcm and we have ignition

    well sort of put the sockets in twice act. as the first ones were messed up took lots of pics.. its act a real easy thing to do. so I got some chips from mad tuner put them in and well tried to read just goes to little over 50% then says incomplete message sent so I tried to start the car and it runs tuner pro will work too on my ? is with the car running it uses both sides of the pcm at the same time 2nd? if tuner rt can work and talk to it then so should winflash as to reading& programming. I will try to read my other pcm/stock one as it use too read that onei had Norton off and wifi off maybe I had some other program on

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    I would think you have an issue with one of the sockets, likely 1 or 2 pins not soldered right. Off hand, I don't know which side winflash reads or writes first so I can't tell you which side to check. Try taking a careful look under a magnifying glass with good lighting. Also, clean the flux off if you haven't done so, a toothbrush and some soap and water should do it.

    I just socketed mine a few days ago and it can be flashed no problem. I programmed the IC's using bin files for each IC posted here which was easier then figuring out where to split my full bin in half and getting the right half on the right board. No big deal since the first test was to see if I could data log it and then I flashed it with my latest bin. There is some cool soldering stuff and a programmer at work I can use. We have this solder paste you just apply over the area and then you heat it and it solders all the pins.
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