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Thread: Putting a GM TBI system on my 1972 Ford F-250

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    Okay i got the first harness done today.I eliminated the EGR knock sensors an the ESC . These things will turned off when computer is reflashed. For timing control i'm using the ignition module out of the GM distributor along with the GM coil to. ok here some pics of the finished harness

    soldering wires

    I got it stand alone 2 grounds 1 batt 1 key on source. I will be using 2 relays on thw batt an key on wired

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    Okay with projects it seems like things always change or take a diffirent path .Well it has happened here Instead of doing my 72 F-250 first, i'm doing my 1978 Bronco with a 351m first


    This is the empty shell waiting for body and paint work

    The harness i built seemed to fit perfectly so the rest of the parts i have collected over the last year for this GM TBI system are going onn the bronco . Don't worry I will still be doing the 72 F-250 it's just going to be awhile . I was able to get the throttle body mounted today on the edelbrock intake plus i got the map sensor mounted well i found a bracket that worked great so i used it , well enough babbling time for pics

    one free 5.7 throttle body mounted on trans adapt part# 2210

    had to trim bolts that hold throttle body to the adapter

    test fitting on motor

    map sensor bracket mounted

    I think it looks oh so pretty lol well still got some more things to get and the bronco needs a ton of work like rewiring the whole rig . im going to use the the wiring harness kit from speedway so i will keep you all posted

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    Looks awesome!

    Are going to use spark control? If so, are you interested in some helpful tips on modifying the Ford duraspark dizzy? Also, what:


    are you using? Parts of my tune might be helpful.

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    Attachment 8787
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    Yes i'm using the module out of the GM distributor with the GM coil I found a diagram on how to wire it to the ford duraspark dizy

    heads are stock

    cam stock

    intake edelbrock performer

    of course any help is always appreciated but the rig is a long ways from running i was just mocking everything up

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    Okay its update time: I have been wondering how i was going to mount the coil and the ignition module. Then one day while i was working at the wrecking yard I saw a coil bracket out of a 97 suburban that had it's ignition module attached to the coil bracket well with a little modification i was able to mount it to the fire wall and fabbed up a piece of aluminum as a heat sink for the ignition module okay here are some pics

    coil bracket mounted on firewall bracket

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    awesome stuff

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