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Thread: Looking for camaro V6 manual bin

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    Looking for camaro V6 manual bin

    Can't seem to find a bin or even the bcc for a 1988 camaro with an LB8 v6 and manual trans.
    Been most of the way thru the BCC lookup,but only finding autos.

    Is it easily switchable in the bin?
    Also is there ane asy way to identify an ECM with no case on it? Or do I have to just post pics and hope someone can tell the difference?

    A guy brought me a bare ECM with prom in it but no housing.
    Supposed to be for a 2.8V6/auto and he needs one for a manual.
    Well,i can't find the bcc for a manual and the prom in it is ADTX.
    ADTX calls for a V8 and 7747 ecm.
    All the V6/LB8 engines look like they call for a 7302,which i've never even heard of.
    I'm afraid the ecm is wrong,but don't know for sure.

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    easy way? not really, unless you play with a lot of different C3s, then you might be able to pick out a difference or two, or if you had a few on-hand to compare.
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    Why don't you ask for a stock bin on ?

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    After searching everwhere I could think of I finally posted up over on thridgen.
    Wierd,been using as a resource for years (registered 2006) and could have swore i've posted but apparently that was my first post.
    Tracked down a BCC that should work ( HNL ) and also found a manual california car file here if nothing else.

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