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Thread: Possible 500 Cadillac Project?

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    Possible 500 Cadillac Project?

    I have a friend who is wanting to put a 500 Cadillac engine and T400 trans into a 51 Ford truck. He already has the engine and trans. The engine is actually .040 over so it is a 509. He has the Edelbrock intake manifold designed for a QuadraJet. He thinks he would like it injected. The problem is that he knows nothing about EFI or computers and would like me to do it. The other problem is that he is EXTREMELY CHEAP. I have never messed with TBI tuning but, I actually would like to try. If he decides he wants to pursue this and if I decide I want to get involved-----What would be the best combination of donor parts to start gathering up (ECM, Harness, Distributor, Spark/Knock Module, Throttle Body) I have the GQ4X programmer but haven't used it yet. I assume I would need to make or buy an ALDL cable for Logging/Scanning. What parts from Moates would I need/want to get. This project may not happen but, I would like to start thinking about it and what it would take to pull it off.

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    caddy 500 = 4.3" bore.

    closest i can match that to would be the 454s with their 4.25" bore, so that should give you some idea of the ESC module/knock filter needed.
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    i don't know about the tuning stuff but a 454 TBI unit will run it, and your 411 ECU can do the trick if you can shut it down to 2 injectors??? otherwise the 7730 ecu used on TPI wil work nicely, has two injector lines and minimal inputs needed to run it. on the TBI to carb adaptor, I have had one built by matching the secondary bores on the Qjet to the TBI bores, and milling it., important is to use a 1.5 inch block and countersink the plate to manifold bolt holes. Jeff, call me if you need a better description


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