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Thread: Hi, I am newbie looking to program a chip for a 1227703 ECM

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    Hi, I am newbie looking to program a chip for a 1227703 ECM

    I just purchased a GQ-4X programmer to program a chip for an 1227703 ECM . The chip used is in a socket which is soldered onto the Mainboard. The chip has only 24 pins. What chip would I need, and is there soem sort of adapter available to plug the new programed chip into the mother board. I also would like to be able the read the data of the "old" chip. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The entire project is part of the installation of a GM 2.8 V6 into a MGB.


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    I don't seem to be able to locate much information on that ECM, other than it's from an '86 2.8L.

    You will probably want to use a newer ECM, that is more supported if you want to get into modifying the bin file (tune) within the ECM.
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