Thanks for registering at is by far the worst offender of Spammers so it is no longer allowed to be used for registration. You will need to use your other address. Since you are required to have a valid email to get a gmail account this should not be a problem.

When you register your account will be activated immediately, after you click on the link in the email the forum registration just sent you. Check your spam or other folders, this email must be answered to complete registration!

After that you must post in the Introductions forum within 24 hours or your account will be deleted. Please tell us a little of yourself, cars, projects or? Something so we can get to know you. Seems the spammer don't know what to say and are easy to find and delete new accounts.

These measures are to keep spammers out. Even if a spammer gets in none of our guests will see their post because every new registrants first post needs to be approved by a moderator. It is not just the spam that's annoying. 99.9% of spammers are really not trying to sell you something. They are hackers in training and looking for vulnerabilities in computers and servers. For reasons ranging from stealing your personal information to terrorists learning how to hack systems in the goverment.

We're just looking for GearHeads here!