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Thread: 1996 Ford F150 Airbag light?

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    1996 Ford F150 Airbag light?

    Friend of mine has a 1996 Ford F150 since new, sits a lot, I think he's up to 40K miles... well the battery went dead and ever since he has a Air Bag light on? Needs a reset? Haven't tried to hook up my scantool to see if it can do the trick yet?

    How do you reset this?

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    I've only ever did it using the FORD IDS.
    First find out what the code is,you'll need a scantool capable of both C and B code retrieval iirc.
    Most common issues in my experience would be seatbelt switch and PAD switch if I were playing parts darts.

    To reset light,pull the fuse (For some reason I'm thinking fuse 15 is generally srs).
    Turn key to on,the SRS system will run self checks on startup. When checks are complete and clear then light will shut off.
    Get a code with your scantool and i've still got factory service dvd's going back 10yrs or so and they might help.
    If not I can cruise up to ford and just look it up on their system when I get a chance,along with the diag tree.

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