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Thread: 7165 ECM only communicates when cold

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    7165 ECM only communicates when cold

    Not into tuning yet, still just becoming familiar with reading scan data.

    The problem is: All is good at startup, but after idling for about 10 minutes, communication with 7165 ECM is lost. I would surmise that this is a heat related problem with the ECM.

    Car runs good, both cold and warm.

    Any suggestions on what to check or repair would be welcomed.


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    The 7165 ECM is well known for stopping communication after a few minutes. I have the same ECM and have replaced it more than once in an attempt to resolve this issue with no luck. I have times when I can run log datalogs without it stopping and other times I don't get moving good before it stops. I don't think it has anything to do with heat.
    You should be able to shut off the engine for a minute or so then restart and it should work, at least it does for me, but who knows how long it will work before you have to reset again.

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