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Thread: Free 94-94 LT1 Scan program reads engine, trans, ABS, SIR DTC's

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    Free 94-94 LT1 Scan program reads engine, trans, ABS, SIR DTC's

    If you have a laptop and an ALDL cable ... FYI here's a new application for the '94-95 OBD1 'flash' PCM's, ABS modules, SIR (seatbelt) modules. Plus it has an actuator tab to test fans,air pump, A/C clutch, EGR, EVAP, and IAC idle control. Downdload is in post #2 of this thread, latest version works on windows and w/XP. It's new and creator 'garydoug' is open for input, App is geared to emulate a Tech-1/2 service environment. It's not for tuning, or complex data logging. As far as I see it's the only 'free' ABS, SIR scanner around. The actuator testing is a lot better than using jumpers to test things. App assumes the user knows at they are doing, Eg: don't pick A/C clutch w/o refrigerant on a running engine..
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    Pretty cool. I tried to log in there and give him some info but it won't let me? Jumped through all the advertising hoops but just get Invalid links? I've been registered for over a year...

    We have all the ABS and SIR HVAC module ALDL files, all the other data logging, error codes etc... is already done in TunerPro? Way better datalogs then DataMaster, Except the actuators he's doing... there's also a hack for F bodys to log WB through Y body oil temp, just wire WB to oil temp pin on PCM, it's already in the TunerPRo files. Cool stuff but most of what's he's doing is reinventing the wheel.

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