Moates.Net and NOLA Motorsports Park are working together to provide a unique opportunity for you folks.

We'll be hosting two intensive days of hands-on training with specific focus on the QuarterHorse and tuning of Ford GUFB/A9L and CBAZA/T4M0 vehicles.

Day 1: Saturday 04/20/13

09:00am - Greetings and Introduction
10:00am - Tuning Theory and Context
11:30am - Review of EEC-specific and A9L/GUFB Terminology
01:00pm - Lunch and Facility Tour
02:30pm - Tuning Hardware Demonstrations
03:00pm - Software Discussion and Demonstrations
04:00pm - Before-testing on A9L/GUFB: N/A 410ci 5spd GT (Gary Sims)
04:30pm - GUFB Data Analysis and Dyno Tuning
06:00pm - Review and summary
08:00pm - Dinner / French Quarter / Kart Racing / Sleep / Etc

Day 2: Sunday 04/21/13

09:00am - Shop/Mechanical Overviews: GUFB vs CBAZA
10:00am - Technical Discussion of CBAZA-specific Issues
11:00am - CBAZA Dyno Tuning and Analysis: Boosted 95 Auto GT Vert (Wes Ratcliff)
12:30pm - Track Testing: CBAZA vs GUFB
01:30pm - Lunch and Discussion
02:30pm - Track Testing and Dismissal

David Blundell (Moates developer and tuning legend) will be leading the class instruction, sharing his experience and knowledge of tuning theory and how it translates to practical, real-world results. He's coming from Cincinnati.

Mark Mansur (author of TunerPro) will be here to discuss his software and how it is used not only on the Ford vehicles but a wide range of applications. He hails from Seattle.

Craig Moates (Moates guy) will be covering much of the hardware discussion and contributing elsewhere on the rare occasion he has something with which to do so. He's in Baton Rouge.

The cost is only $250 and the target class size is 15-20 total.

To register and attend this event, just add this item to your cart and check out. If you plan to pay at the event or by mail, just select 'Check/MO' as payment method at checkout. We'll follow up with you to confirm and provide all of the details so you can make arrangements!

If you have any questions, just email Craig and Dave at support -at- or contact us via phone 225-341-3547 M/W/F 10a-6p EST and we'll get you hooked up!