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Thread: Help with 7730 on 305 SBC TPI (Speed Density)

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    Cool Help with 7730 on 305 SBC TPI (Speed Density)

    Hello from Down Under!

    For the last couple of years I have been building a Chevy powered LandCruiser as my daily Drivers (75 Series Toyota Landcruiser Utility, 305 SBC with Speed Density TPI)

    To get the TPI running, I had a PROM burnt based loosely on parameters that would suit a C10-ish pickup type vehicle (the guy I contacted to do the Burn, had all these on-hand). This truck has now been driving for six months and it is apparent that the C10 and guess parameters are way off.

    Fuel economy is terrible (8.05 miles per gallon, no obvious fuel leaks; I've checked and no run rich conditions at idle or whilst stationary) and whilst the vehicle performs well at moderate and high speeds, whilst under high load\low speed operations it tends to stall. I finally got sick of this embarressing 'EFI Performance' and purchased from Moates an AutoProm and some other goodies.

    I have had success in using them to DataLog (using the ALDL USB Cable and Tuner Pro RT 5), and have been able to load XDF\ADX files, but have had little success in Real-time tuning using .bin files I have found. Once the files have been loaded and supposedly uploaded\verified etc... All I get at turn key is... 1. SES light On 2. Thermo Fans running full ball even on a Cold engine 3. Cranks but no ignition. Replace with Factory\Modified Prom - Starts straight away.

    I know its something I'm doing\Not doing and I would like to learn how to properly load these files, so I can successfully emaulate\burn\develop some files aimed more for use with Pickups\Trucks.

    I have followed the guides provided with the products, and whilst useful they have been somewhat vauge on somethings.

    Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to doing the same if given the oppourtunity.

    In case someone has files that might be close, my specs are as follows:-

    1227730 ECU
    Speed Density TPI
    No VATS, No Emissions
    Running VSS
    No Cold Start Injector (Daily Temperatures start at 27C or 86F upto 45C or 113F)
    All Sensors are Brand New within last six months (All GM or Delco)

    305 SBC
    Standard Cast Heads fitted with 1.5 Roller Rockers
    Standard TPI Cam
    MSD Distributor and Remote GM Coil
    (Pretty much a stock engine with some performance parts used for Longevity and reliability)

    If anyone needs any further information, please fell free to ask.

    I am aiming for improved reliability and Fuel economy out of this tune\Burn.

    Thanks in advance, Dylan.

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    When emulating, you need to do as follows.
    Plug in the autoprom to the computer
    Plug the emulation cable into the autoprom and into the ZIF in the ecm, making sure its in the right way. Red wire is pin 1.
    Open tunerprtRT
    Load correct XDF and ADX files
    Load correct bin file.
    Hit the button initilize emulation hardware
    Hit the button upload current bin to emulator, wait for it to upload and say sucess
    Hit the button verify emulator aganst current bin (Cant remember the exact name of that button)
    Hit the button enable emulation.
    You should now be able to start and run the engine and make changes on the go.
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    Thanks JeepsAndGuns, I have been following that exact process... so I feel somewhat better about the whole thing.

    That being the case, I must be loading the wrong type of .bin file. If I have a 1227730, which .bin should I be loading?

    I have been trying $8D, but all I'm getting is as described above i.e. 1. SES light On 2. Thermo Fans running full ball even on a Cold engine 3. Cranks but no ignition. Replace with Factory\Modified Prom - Starts straight away.

    If I had a place to start I'm sure I could figure it out, and I probably could copy down the .bin from the PROM; but that wouldn't really fix anything.

    I downloaded some files last night from the forum that were uploaded by EagleMark but they were $8D too. I'm fairly certain that $8D isn't suitable for my application though?

    Any help, is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Dylan
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    Your first post did not mention?
    Hit the button enable emulation.
    But if you are?

    Sounds like your doing it all properly and the reason the bin/chip/memcal your using works and the other bin files your trying do not have VATS disabled. Should be $8D. But with a big heavy vehicle and who knows what tires or gearing? Need to be careful just grabbing $8D bins. Spark Advance tables are made for light weight, properly geared Camaro, Firbird and Corvettes. Does your knock sensor work properly?

    Learn to use the Compare function in TunerPro RT and compare the bin you bought to one of the bins from the $8D info thread to check spark advance. If your bin was done properly it will have less spark advance.

    (the guy I contacted to do the Burn, had all these on-hand).
    Just wondering who as we have had a slew of issues, may shed some light on why your bin has issues...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioTechMan View Post
    I have been trying $8D, but all I'm getting is as described above i.e. 1. SES light On 2. Thermo Fans running full ball even on a Cold engine 3. Cranks but no ignition. Replace with Factory\Modified Prom - Starts straight away.
    sounds like you're running into limp-home mode.
    1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS 3100 + 4T60E

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    Hello all,

    It seems like forever since I have been able to get back to my original problem and to respond this forums wonderful Members.

    So in response to EagleMark and JeepsAndGuns, I went back to basics.

    I sat down again and discovered I had indeed been missing a step in getting the Moates to Data-log. I now have that sorted out and have that working. So once I was able to Data-log I soon realised that my Coolant Sensor and IAC Motor were both faulty (I assumed they were both new, but as it seems those were the two that had not been replaced during the restore) Whilst reinstalling these, I saw it fit to refurbish\clean the whole throttle Body, which had an excessive amount of build up on both the Butterflies.

    Those have both now been replaced. When I did my initial startup, I tried setting the base timing to 0; this resulted in good performance at Idle; but an unsatisfactory behaviour at spped (like it wasnt giving its all). I re-did this and set it to 6 before TDC (advanced), this gave me a consistent performance at Idle and speed and one of the best throttle responses I have had with this setup (My brother who built the engine for me, believes it is sounding the best it ever has)

    The problem is that I am now getting some anomilies even with this now.

    These symptons are (and all occur whilst stationary):-
    X The Engine temperature starts of at normal levels but reaches upto 246 -248F (near max of 250F) I do live in a hot climate 30 - 40 C (86F - 104F) but cannot be certain this would be a contributing factor.
    X I am getting an error on Target AFR (14.69) this does not change at all.
    X I recieve a code 42 (EST)
    X I recieve an error on switch (Big Trouble - MALF Occured + Test)
    X My Loop Status swaps between Open and Closed is that normal?

    I know some of these sound like noob questions, but I kinda need to know where I am heading.

    I am going to start to compare my $8D bin tommorow and see if some of these issues are because of an inconsistent Prom burn.

    I have attached photos below in case they might help.

    Again I want to thank all of those who have contributed to this thread so far, as I now feel that I am moving forward with this problem.


    PS. I have just discovered I cannot post picture from computer, so If you have any questions that need them pls ask.

    Again, Many Thanks all.

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    Wow your running that engine hotttt, you might want to lower down the fan on if controlled bye the ecm. The most common cause of the code 42 is poor connection or faulty knock sensor. from the center connection to the body during malf check the ecm expects to see 3.9k ohms. This issue is rarely ever the esc knock board soldered on to the memcal but could be the ecm. You should check the connections even at pin f9 .

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    Believe me, I do not want it to run at that temp. I currently run two thermo fans, both are 14" (One Pull, One Push).

    I'll have to check what the bin is set to but I belive it is ecm controlled. Again, I will also check ecm tommorrow.

    Thanks, for your input; Ben

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