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Thread: Will ASDZ BIN run a four cylinder?

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    Will ASDZ BIN run a four cylinder?

    Was just looking thru the ASDZ bin and noticed it has a setting for number of cylinders. Would this BIN run a single TBI four cylinder engine w/o much problem? Also would there be a $42 Bin that is able to run an electric cooling fan and four cylinder?
    I started using the OSE 12P code from Delco Hacking and things are working very well. The disadvantage to 12P is a normal USA scan tool will not communicate. One of the goals of the build was to make ALDL data available with a scan tool. Any thoughts?

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    There's no reason that any bin with native cylinder count select shouldn't run 4, 6 or 8 cyl.

    You will need to look into the CALPAK to see what, if any modifications will be needed there.

    I'm not aware of any $42 code that will run an e-fan without a custom patch, if there are even extra outputs available.

    Alternatively, '7427 can have e-fan functionality added to it, and should be able to run a 4 cyl with appropriate MEMCAL modifications.
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