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Thread: Tuning options for Dodge Mopar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jracing View Post
    is there a link or could you elaborate about how the arduino is used. I have some alien tech but it doesnt support this ECM chrysler P/N P56041746AD. I have a galletto and some other cheap cables. Thanks for the reply!!
    yeah i cant give a definate pinout or datasheet rightnow but ill send a link basically you use gpio pins to probe addresses sequentially and read the return then send the data back to pc over usb and reconstruct the binary data to a .bin with software and not necessary but imma try to recompile to assembly for the motorola/frescale mcu's cause i need to replace componants and need to know exact function and add a dont loose your licence buddy limiter

    start here and lmk how it goes ill check back later
    and email if you need

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    Quote Originally Posted by roughneck427 View Post
    This guy here covers a lot of odd ball mopar stuff. I'm waiting on the laptop based interface to be release $25 credits to tune a vehicle
    Iíve had my cable from syked for a few weeks now,so far only done an MDS delete on a 2011 but looks like it will work well.
    Doesnít he plan to fully support GM and Ford as well eventually?

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    i was able to flash a Jtec and a NGC3 with a modded .bin using the chrylser J2534 application


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