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Thread: Burst knock support in 7165/$6E calibration?

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    Burst knock support in 7165/$6E calibration?

    Did this PCM/calibration support burst knock? I'm not seeing any tables specifically addressing burst knock, so I'm assuming the answer is no. Trying to track down what I think is a false knock problem (log attached). The knock always occurs at tip-in into WOT; I've pulled obscene amounts of timing at this point and the KR is still there. I'm not one to simply zero out KR tables, but I have been successful with reducing the KR decay delay to 90%. Running 93 octane BTW. This is a 355 with an LT4 cam, running with the 5.7 KS and ESC module.
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    Not sure but there is a hack of $6E

    Tip in to WOT is easy to pick up some chassis noise, motor mount, rattle etc... even been found back to rear suspension in Camaros, sounds like you pulled enough to prove it's false?

    With a timing table as aggresive as what's in $6E stuff you'd figure burst knock would be there.

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