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Thread: Hello All - Powertrain Hardware guy GMPT, Hyundai/KIA, & now Rivian (be easy on me).

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    Cool Hello All - Powertrain Hardware guy GMPT, Hyundai/KIA, & now Rivian (be easy on me).

    Hello All,
    Still a motor-head and mostly engine/trans but now EV DU.

    Have my fully restored Toyota 76 FJ40 with a SBC from an 89 Iroc-Z 350 TPI. 
    - Rebuilt with Bosch D3 and I have read that BLMs go ski high; plus I smell the over-fueling. But having a hard time getting good data.

    TunerProRT newbie...
    - ECM is an APNY with a Howell Engineering chip installed and is this why?
    - APNY 89 F-car 5.7TPI auto BIN and XDF $6E with ADX 1227165_6E don't work.
    - Saw DOCs that came with truck had 1985 MAF TPI ECM Connectors so tried that version = NOK
    I have used INCA/ETAS and normally read SW/CAL ID to know what I need. Not the case here?

    Anyways, need the BLMS, and O2 signal to know how pegged rich I am sure. Thinking flatline high > 0.6V...lmao.
    - And adjust D3 tables per threads on Bosch D3. I got these from Southbay.

    Tom (and Andrea/Daughter-Father Project)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. That's a very clean Yota there... very nice.

    Welcome to the forum!

    We can likely help you get the truck running better. Do you have a file copy of the calibration you're currently using? If so you can use Bithoist to try and identify it. Bithoist looks at table locations and the OEM mask ID and checksum to try and identify the calibration. If Bithoist fails you can check the mask id manually. As Dave mentioned, that ecm used multiple masks. The Mask ID is at location 0X0008.

    Howell chips generally remain close to stock. Often they'll only disable trouble codes and change the BLM and INT limits. I would expect the source of the issues to be the injectors. Some folks report the D3's do not operate like the original injector and that calibrations require some adjustments after an injector swap. It may be helpful to contact the supplier to request additional injector data. In addition to the flow rate, the GM ECM will need to know the values used to adjust calculated injector on time for battery voltage and small opening duration. There is a thread on thirdgen with some information here:

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