Looking for some factual knowledge other than opinion or theory. (Long read).
Back story; I have my custom designed TBI system working perfectly except for a bad stumble, when stepping on the throttle, for the first minute but not more than two after cold start. I have narrowed it down to the acceleration enrich tables. Understand I am not running an O2 sensor (too many minor issues in my design so running everything O.L.) Example of my problem; I was having issues with the choke tables (too rich or too lean) and realized that if one has the O.L. AFR vs coolant temperature table set up properly then any kind of ‘choke’ adjustment is not necessary let alone being redundant. This came after going around with “expert” published papers as to what the ‘choke AFR multiplier vs coolant temperature’ table actually does. Some say it is a ‘timer’ (in percentage even though no “%” is noted) count down. This makes no sense because it does not take into account engine work load (which would change the “speed/time” of warmup) after cold start. I talked to TunerCat and they wrote me a “table on table on table” formula as to how the above table factors in. If you do the absolute calculations by this formula, once the engine is started it should be “producing” gas to pump back into the tank. If you, once again “assume” the numbers are a percentage it still has questionable effect. My conclusion/theory here is that no one really knows anymore what some of these tables do even though they believe they do.
On to the present; Can anyone tell me for a “fact” what the ‘accel enrich TPS filter coefficient vs coolant temp’ (also not noted in %) numbers in the table actually do in $42?