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Thread: Autoprom suddenly not found by TunerPro

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    Autoprom suddenly not found by TunerPro

    I was using TunerProRT yesterday morning to datalog while on my way to work. I got to work and reviewed my log and planned some changes. This morning I open TunerProRT so I can connect to the Autoprom and upload my new .bin, and I cannot get TunerPro to recognize that the autoprom is connected.

    I have verified the com port (COM3) in the device manager and in tunerpro. When I attach the cable my laptop make a chime, indicating that it knows a cable or device is attached and/or detached.

    Via searching my laptop, I found that windows updated on the 25th, and installed those updates on the 26th.... which is when my problem started. So I uninstalled those updates. No change.

    I read that the autoprom has drivers, but I dont remember ever installing them, and moates web site is long gone to search for them. Can anyone verify the need for a specific driver for an autoprom? I did go to the FTDI website and downloaded and installed their drivers, and windows says my drivers are up to date.

    I even tried a new cable from my laptop to the autoprom, no change.
    Ive rebooted my computer countless times, no change.

    Its killing me that this whole setup has been working flawlessly until suddenly today!!!!

    Please help!!!

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    It’s a long shot but, Might try a previous version of Tunerpro.

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    I deleted and reinstalled TunerProRT (V5, same version, but I thought maybe a new/clean copy might make a difference), no change

    Then I remembered my '94 Tahoe has a functioning Moates Ostrich attached to its ECM. I cant connect to that either!!!

    Hardware not found.....

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    I'm no windows expert, but check user permissions on your comm port and make sure it hasn't been changed to admin access, also baud rate on the port.

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    I was looking into permissions, but I didn’t know there were permissions on com ports.
    A friend of mine has tunerpro installed on his laptop and he connected to the same autoprom, so the problem is clearly my laptop

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    Might be an issue with USB drivers. Do other USB peripherals work?

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