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Thread: 4.8 & 6.0 LS engine , how to control ??

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    4.8 & 6.0 LS engine , how to control ??

    So ,

    I just inherented a 4.8 and a 6.0 LS engine , both warranty takeouts , basically they both are complete engines with low miles (less than 20K each) .

    I will have to get intakes, coil setups , and accessory drives for them if and when I use them but I think that will be a day of junkyard hopping . I would like to stay cable throttle if it is possible .

    I am new entirely to OBDII and have no clue what i will need to run and tune these , what PCM , what harness is the best , what tuning software , interface , etc.....

    Anyone who has any information to share on the LS swaps and the PCM deal to control it would be greatly appreciated .

    I hate to have to do the Painless or other aftermarket harness' and quite frankly I would love to mod an OEM harness myself so i become firmiliar with them .

    Sorry for the vauge post , but as I said , I have never messed with the engine control side of the LS engine , just looking for some input.


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    I've never actually messed with the tuning of one but from the research I did when I was thinking about putting the 5.3 I used to have in my Camaro most people go with the 0411 PCM and use either EFI live or HP tuners for the software. Their flashed through the OBD port so no need for PROM's or a PROM burner like the older OBD1 stuff. As for the harness Painless makes some nice stuff but it can be pricey. Most people get a factory harness and wiring diagram then use the connectors from it to make a custom harness. Those LS engines are sweet and can make some serious power I say put a turbo on the 4.8, as for the 6.0 put a cam and L92/LS3 heads on it. Also keep in mind depending on what you plan to drop them in you might need to change the oil pan and/or intake for it to fit. Also check out Kwiq performance their accessory drive is way more affordable than some of the other stuff out there.
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    The 12200411 PCM is preferred chioce. Found in 1999 to 200x cars, trucks and vans so there's plenty of harness to be found.

    EFI Live, HP tuners software will set you up to log and flash, there is license fee per PCM. You can also still but a simplar TunerCat OBDII (no license and no data logging) if you buy a RoadRunner from Moates to tune Real Time. ScanXL Pro with enhanced GM PIDS will do all you need for data logging. None of the options are cheap.

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    Bunch of swap/wiring info:

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    Argh, uploaded the wrong ones. I have a scanned set for my '02 Silverado, need to hunt them down...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianko View Post
    Here are some 0411-related schematics that might be useful. I don't remember where I got them, or I'd give proper credit.
    The schematics posted above are for the older SBC 5.0 / 5.7 liter engines used in the Express Vans. The above posted schematics are very useful for converting an older SBC to an '0411 PCM, but are not the schematics needed for the LS 4.8/5.3/6.0 engines. I think I have the actual photo copy versions of the scanned to .pdf schematics posted above.

    One important thing to consider for using an LS engine is the throttle body, Drive By Wire (DBW) and Drive By Cable (DBC)! Do some homework before buying parts!

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