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Thread: 2005 Silverado PCM

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    2005 Silverado PCM

    I just wanted to ask this here before I break anything. Haha. I have a 2005 Silverado that I would like to turn off the rear 02's on. I assume I can use Universal Patcher on it and PCM Hammer to write it back, but I know a few years ago when I was messing around with a 2002 PCM, there were some issue past 2004 (maybe it was just XDF's not available), so I just wanted to verify it is safe to do now. Thanks!

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    You are right, years ago there was no support for anyhing 2005+.

    Now it is perfectly safe to mod the 2005 bin and flash back.

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    Does anyone have a quick list of codes to turn off for rear 02 removal? I thought I had found a list one time. Thanks!

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