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Thread: Tunerpro emulation doing some wierd stuff

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    Tunerpro emulation doing some wierd stuff

    I've been playing around with the emulation feature in TunerproRT and it's been doing some weird stuff...

    - The fans got disabled. I was driving around and noticed the temperature hitting 220F. When I shut the car off and uploaded the bin to the Ostrich without the emulation turned on, the fans re-activated.

    - The charcoal canister purge solenoid apparently got deactivated. Came home and there was fuel dripping out of the vent valve. Opened the gas cap and got a big "whoosh" out of it. I have to assume the canister purge got deactivated.

    - Couple of times earlier, the check engine light would come on and the car would start running like crap, until I shut the engine off, uploaded the bin without emulation and then restarted the car.

    Is there some setting or something that's off in TunerproRT that I need to change for the Ostrich II?

    It doesn't do this without emulation activated. But the problem is without emulation, the editor windows close when you save your change, which is a PITA. I'd prefer to be able to use the emulation, but this funky behavior makes it prohibitive.
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    Thanks. In the $8D XDF I found "Chip Code Mask".

    It's currently set to 8D. So I change it to AA?

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    So I realized I had to change the 08 to AA in the XDF file. So I tried that.

    This time I was playing around with it in my driveway.

    Still doing strange stuff with the fans... sometimes the fans don't come on at all (in which case I can see that they're not even being requested by the ECM). Another time, the high speed fan comes on but never turns off.

    Never did this before with Tunercat RT. Just for some reason with Tunerpro RT.

    I tired a different ECM to rule out the ECM, but no dice. Still does it.

    I'm assuming I did this right...?

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    Ok I think I'm understanding what's going on...

    Turns out you do need to change the 8D to AA. Not the way I did it above my previous post.

    Haven't test driven the car yet, but hooking the laptop up to the Ostrich, I can generate a emulator vs RAM contents verification failure if I don't upload a the bin with AA before starting emulation.

    It seems the order of operations necessary for emulation is...

    1.) Open Tunerpro
    2.) Open bin I want to start emulating with
    3.) Change location 0x08 to AA and upload to Ostrich
    4.) Activate emulation

    When I follow those steps, I get successful verifications.

    I'll have to try this out with the engine running and see if it works.

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    Ugh... it's still doing the same thing.

    Something about Tunerpro and emulation. Not sure what else to do at this point.

    Any other suggestions? Otherwise I guess I just don't do emulation.

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